The Hillary Scam

If you watched the democratic debate on December 19th, 2015, you will see a first in the American political debate process. For the first time in American history, a candidate turned the debate platform into their own personal campaign ad. Media tried it’s hardest not to report the rage of the hundreds of millions of people who watched as Hillary Clinton and her 1 percenter money stomped the democratic presidential process into the dirt. Then, as usual under this election, while every independent poll had Bernie Sanders winning by 80% of the popular vote with Hillary trailing behind at a meager 6% at best.

So why are all the media outlets saying it was a great night for her?

The obvious answer is she paid them to say it. But it goes far deeper than that. She isn’t paying the media to side with her, she is paying the media to brainwash YOU.

My proof? At the opening of the debates, each contender was told they would have a 1 1/2 minute response time. This was so no one would hog up all the air time with wind bagged speeches that said nothing but dominated the debate. I remember watching it and just after that was said there was a momentary pause in speech and the camera panned to Clinton giving a wink to Debbie Wasserman and Wasserman smiling back. I knew at that moment, something bad was afoot.

It took me by surprise that the commentator asked Bernie if he would apologize to Clinton for the “security threat.” when it comes down to it, Bernie had nothing to do with it, and it was caused by accident. Or at least so we were lead to believe. But more on that in a moment. Clinton played on Bernie’s good nature and, the rigged question asked, Bernie gave Hillary what she wanted. He apologised for the actions of one of his staffers. He then went on to say how the same thing happened to him not even a month previous. HIS data was compromised and it appeared to have come from Clinton’s side. But Bernie chose to keep things under wraps, not get the media involved until more was known about it. He let Clinton save face. In return, she stabbed him in the back.

As the investigation continues, it appears, from what my sources claim, that the DNC data leak was proven to originate from NGP VAN, a company co-founded by Nathaniel Pearlman, Clinton’s former Chief Tech Advisor. The current CEO and President of the company is one Stuart Trevelyan, someone who has worked for the Clinton family since before Bill became president. But the most interesting employee for NGP Van is a little known Aharon Wasserman, blood nephew of Clinton’s right hand and the chairperson of the DNC debates, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. While this familiarity with nearly every person at NGP reeks of a set-up and scam to tarnish Sander’s good reputation, you would think the protection of Mrs. Clinton’s data…as well as that of Mr. Sanders’ which was also compromised…would have been top priority. Were Hillary’s good friends just completely incompetent?And if so, why were the other jobs they did that I looked into for review found to be EXTREMELY SUCCESSFULLY? (A check to see how their security worked for others shows there were no faulty firewalls or bugged problems with their security anywhere else other than at the DNC base).

The reason Sanders was asked for the apology became apparent right after the debates, as headlines read across nearly every media news outlet “Sanders Apologises To Clinton!”, while their articles fail to mention anything about how Bernie played the better man when HIS data was compromised, with no apology offered back by Clinton. In fact, while Sanders reigned supreme with what little he was able to say in between hillary’s long-winded, go nowhere speeches that lasted up to 10 minutes at times, (when she was only allowed 1 1/2 minutes to give replies). But when Hillary refused to stop talking even after BOTH commentators told her that her time was up on dozens of occasion, Hillary did dominate the night. What she did with that time, other than giving a very long self-masturbate, was show how much she adopted the ideas of both Sanders and O’Malley into her once flailing portfolio of policies. On a more hilarious note, Clinton merely skimmed over what the two replied in the past, having no actual depth to her answer as well as invoking 9/11 once again to try and cover for an answer she was not prepared to give.

Perhaps the greatest moment taken away from the entire debate was between Bernie Sanders and the male ABC commentator, David Muir. It was just after one of the 10 minute speeches Clinton had bullied herself into giving, and after Muir told her repeatedly to stop and turn over the mic because her time was up.

Bernie Sanders: “Isn’t this fun?”

David Muir: (Exasperated and VERY upset) “Yeah. Yeah it is.”

And that pretty much summed up the debate. It wasn’t a debate. It was Hillary Clinton forcing people to hear her voice go on and on and on without pause or substance, simply so that the small viewing audience she believed was full of blue-haired, old women watching on cable, would hear nothing but her and vote accordingly. But that was not the case.

Even though it was the weekend BEFORE Christmas and the weekend that Star Wars episode 7 came out, hundreds of millions still tuned in. ABC News online was so flooded with viewers, most watching the debate on cell phones or in the bars and rented halls their parties were at, that the flood was damaging the video quality for the whole debate. And all these eyes across America watched Hillary decimate democracy and the democratic process to satisfy her own bloated sense of self worth.

And yet again, the major media outlets said that Hillary won again.

Didn’t the Koch brothers say they had a secret weapon and they were going to dump a billion dollars into making sure they got the president that will do as they wanted? Tell me, how would two tyrants like the Kochs be able to get anything with what they have up in the republican stage? There is a deep hatred between Trump and the Koch brothers, and he is the GP frontrunner. So who else would be the one they would dump billions to support? Where are the signs of all this support?

We need look no further than Hillary Clinton and the enormous amounts of money being thrown in to make sure the media points her as the winner, regardless of what the truth is. It reeks of Koch involvement, and it is easy to see why Clinton would run to them for aid. She lost miserably to Obama…and Hillary is a VERY sore loser.

Hillary Clinton is working hard, with the aid of some very evil supporters, to crush democracy once and for all and brainwash people into taking the propaganda pouring out of the media as fact. It is the true reality of the book 1984, and too many Americans are allowing their greed to set this kind of oppressive world into stone. Yet growing in the darkness of Clinton’s reign of oppression is a huge beacon of hope. Young people have gotten involved. The Care Bear generation has learned all too well that when you see something evil, you all link together and let your light shine and evil cannot stand before you. This has become the bane of the woman who wishes to be Queen of America.

Taken to social media and forsaking the lies and propaganda of big media, the largest and most active group of citizens, previously known to care more about dating and spending than politics, has risen as the dominant force. All their dreams resting in the hands of one man: Bernie Sanders. born into depression and oppression, never knowing a time when jobs were plentiful and people were able to entertain themselves, this unseen power seeks to topple the establishment that has turned so ruefully against them. The are the flames of the revolution, flames all the money in the world won’t be able to douse. And thus, they are a threat to Clinton.

It will be more than interesting to see how the next few months follow. Hillary, leading the old establishment ways of corrupt politics, media-induced lies and big money palm-greasing trying to push out one last conservative regime before her era dies off versus the tsunami wave of socialistic Americans who are done with the failures the current policy encourages.




Note* This is a blog, not a news outlet! My words are, to the best of my knowledge, factual. But I’m not here to cite my sources. Go out and prove my words wrong. But if you think I am make sure to bring proof, not just trolling. Otherwise I’ll make you regret it. I give harder than I get it. Good luck.