Why Bernie Sander’s Medicare For All Is Amazing

After watching the NBC 2016 Democratic Debate, I decided to do some research on the differences between Hillary Clinton’s “same ole, same ole” Obamacare Plus healthcare package as opposed to Bernie Sander’s medicare for all plan. What I found astounded me, and helped me see the two candidates in their true light.

Hillary’s plan isn’t much different than what we have now. right now you pay 4 times for your health insurance. Let me show you how.

  1. You’re already paying for medicare. It’s taken out of every check just like social security. Unlike social security, you can’t touch the medicare you are paying for. The money taken out isn’t usually much, between $4.00 and $20.00 depending on how much you make, on average. So already you are paying premiums on medicare that you won’t be able to access yourself. Messed up, huh?
  2. You pay private insurance premiums. Obamacare costs, and your share is anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on who you go through. So you are paying for 2 insurances right off the bat. The one you CAN use, and the one you can’t.
  3. You have to pay deductibles to get the insurance you are paying for. This is kind of like going to a grocery store and paying to buy the food, but then having to pay a smaller amount to eat it. It’s basically the medical insurance version of video game DLC. You have to have it to play, and you are being forced to play it. Enjoy your DLC.
  4. Private insurance companies are already subsidized by your tax money. Think of it like your cousin Jeff who owns the mechanics store. Even though you don’t show up to work, he still cuts you a check for 40 hours to take care of you. Now think of yourself as cousin Jeff, and the one you are giving the free paycheck to being your private insurance company.

So right there, each and every working man and woman in America is paying FOUR TIMES for the use of ONE private insurance company. This is how we stay healthy in America.

What Hillary Clinton wants to do is to give doctors who get their patients out of the hospital fast big kickbacks. She claims it means people are getting out because they are being healed faster and better.

Let me ask you something. Have you ever skinned your knee? How long did it take to heal? 1 hour? 1 day? No, it was more like a week or two before it was fully healed. Healing takes TIME. So if, as Hillary Clinton desires, doctors get rewards for getting you out fast, just how healed do you think you are going to be by this process?

Secondly, in many cases the initial diagnosis for serious illnesses are improperly analized. After all, a common cold and throat cancer both share coughing and throat pain. But imagine if you got the wrong diagnosis because the doctor wanted a new MRI machine and you were cutting into his work time? I don’t think you’re going to know you have cancer for a long, long time.

So let’s look at Bernie Sander’s proposal of a one-payer, medicare for all program.

Everyone wants to know where the money is coming to pay for it. Directly, anyone who makes above about $100,000 per year. Hillary Clinton seems to think that the middle class makes $100,000 to $250,000 per year. To her, THAT is the average American income. I don’t know about you, but someone with the ability to buy a $50,000 house in cash, and still have $50,000 on them, and be able to do this EVERY YEAR, is NOT middle class.

Bernie states you will go up a “small amount,” approximately 1 1/2% of your weekly pay. So for every $100 you make, you put in about $1.50 more than you already do for Medicare.  It’s doable, but not something we would really like, right?

But then consider that by paying that small amount, you no longer after worry about paying additional private insurance premiums. I read one an AOL board that someone was paying $4,500 in premiums just to have their insurance. And that had nothing to do with deductibles you have to pay before you can pay to have the private insurance. So right there, this person is going to save over $5,000. If they have to put in $1,000 for the year out of their paychecks, but they save $5,000 by cutting out the private insurance middleman, you’re still making a $4,000 a month savings with single-payer medicare for all insurance.

Oh, and the tax money they won’t be getting in subsidies? That will go to your doctors and clinics to make sure you have the best medical equipment and the most trained doctors. (Free college for all will help make sure these doctors are well trained before stepping into the profession too. Right now they are on a very large money limitation, and every class costs them years of their working life in payback. Free college will make sure they stay until they understand everything they need to, rather than rushing and hoping).

If this medicare for all plan is so cut and dried easy, and would actually give us money back, why aren’t the other candidates for it? It seems like common sense, right?

When you consider the other major democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, will demand millions from colleges and universities just to hear her voice in speeches, do you really think putting money back into YOUR pocket is where her mind is at? Not to mention Hillary OWNS many of these private insurance companies. As well as many of the private prisons. (But that is another story).

All in all, regardless of what Chelsea Clinton may be saying to you, (remember, she just got a job as a hedge fund manager, As NBC News reports, Chelsea Clinton became the newest employee at “Avenue Capital Group, a $12 billion hedge fund manager whose founder has contributed to many Democratic Party campaigns..”), when it all comes down to black and white facts, nothing that comes out of a Clinton’s mouth seems to hold any truth to it.

While we are on the subject of not speaking the truth, Hillary leaped up to say she was taking on the hedge fund managers SPECIFICALLY, just how hard is she really going to go after her daughter and her daughter’s husband, both of whom are now in the field? Feeling lied to and screwed over yet? You should be.


How I Found Where the Riches Went



Bernie Sanders is well known for saying that the rich have sucked up everything and they are the reason we are all poor. While I would love to demonize the rich for my crappy life, I’m a skeptic who needs proof, not words. So I set out to find out just how all these rich 1%ers that we love to glorify for some reason are responsible for the death of the American middle class.

The first thing I had to do was find an easy formula that could help me see what was being taken. It couldn’t be something complicated because I wanted normal people to understand the process without having to put time and energy into big mathematical explanations. you know, the kind the politicians and news outlets give you that you have no clue what they mean. I didn’t want that. On a good note, I’m just above average in math compared to the rest of the country, so I couldn’t make it too complicated if I wanted to. So after about a month of studying everything, I got my formula. It’s based off of Bernie Sander’s $15 an hour wage everyone said was impossible to give. The wage took into account that the earnings would be full time, 40 hours a week, and it would be based on a yearly average.

$$$$$ divided by 52, then divided by 40, then divided by $15

That is the formula.

So let’s see how it works, shall we?

What we do is look at extra income of the rich and powerful here in America. I started with Hillary Clinton when I heard she made $12 million in speeches to college students. It enraged me first off because that $12 million had to come from somewhere. Colleges and universities do not grow money trees. It had to come from somewhere, and that somewhere was the student body’s tuition. Do you know a student that didn’t get their degree because they were just a little short of the financial aid to get it? Thank people like Hillary Clinton.

But let’s get down to the numbers, shall we?

Clinton made $12 million in one year from colleges and universities she spoke at. So the first thing I did was check to see how much that made her a week. So I divided the $12 million by 52, for the weeks in a year. That gives me roughly $230, 769 she was making weekly giving speeches. I divided that by 40, converting that money into what she would take home per hour on your average full-time job. (Mind you she wasn’t actually working full time with her speeches. It was an hour here and an hour there). So, $230,769 divided by 40 is: about $5,769 she made per hour, assuming a 40 hour, full time job was being done.

Now let’s see, from what we have as her hourly pay, how many $15 an hour jobs she sucked out of those colleges that could have gone to students trying to get their degrees. $5, 769 divided by $15 is: 384!

Just in one year of speeches, Hillary Clinton took 384 full-time jobs at $15 an hour out of the economy. And she took it from the people who needed the money the most. College kids. And that is just one place she soaked up the money for vital job creation.

According to Bloomberg, the Clinton family made $139 million in eight years giving speeches to corporations and other places that weren’t universities. So let’s break that down. First we need to break it down into what was made per year. $139 million divided by 8 years is $17, 375,000 per year. Now that we have a yearly wage, let’s see how many $15 an hour jobs they took from businesses that could have used that money to hire more people, shall we?

$17, 375,000 divided by 52 is: $334, 134 made per week.

$334,134 divided by 40 is: $8,353 per hour the Clintons made.

$8,353 divided by $15 is: 556 full time jobs for a year at $15 an hour they sucked out of the economy.

Add that to the 384 Hillary took from colleges and we have 940 full time jobs at $15 an hour the Clintons forced out of the economy and into their pockets FOR TALKING.

Let me repeat that. They got paid almost 1000 full time jobs at $15 an hour last year for letting air go over their vocal chords.

Don’t you wish you could walk up to a college and demand even $500 from them and then all you had to do for it was stand on the football field and say what you think politically?  If you think that is nuts, realize that Hillary is making $13,000 an HOUR doing just that. And then she isn’t even working those hours. MAYBE 2 hours a week out of the 40 she should be working for it.

The worst part about all this? Hillary isn’t one of the worst offenders. In fact, she is rather low on the list. And she is a politician, not a CEO.

According to Forbes, John Hammergren of McKesson Pharmaceuticals brought in a whopping $131 million in income in 2014. using the formula I’ve given you, you can see he makes as much as 4,198 full-time employees would if they were paid $15 an hour. One man, 4,198 $15 an hour jobs he took out of our economy. For selling prescription drugs that have proven harmful and sometimes fatal to the public.

Talk about your drug dealers getting paid.

I won’t go through every source I went through, and my list hasn’t been completed yet. But going through just the 1%ers and what they earn above and beyond normal profits…(when it comes to big drug companies I compare what they charge to the average costs paid by consumers in other countries and use the remainder as corporate profit margin to be used)…and I have found that, not even finished, if the rich stopped sucking money out of the economy in little scams like the ones the Clinton’s have done with their speeches, and how CEOs have done with price gouging, we would have enough full time, $15 an hour jobs per year to take care of roughly 400,000,000 people. By contrast, America has only 330,000,000 people. Add the 12 million illegal immigrants as well as the 10,000 Syrian refugees republicans say we can’t afford and it still leaves us with around 86 million full time jobs at $15 an hour to give out, or use to give in raises, etc…

If we stop letting the rich steal from us, if we took back the money they greedily grabbed up, everyone could make at least $15 an hour and live comfortably in America. Even the illegals and the refugees that come here. With plenty left over to make life even better for those who actually work hard for it.

But don’t take my word for it. Use the formula and look for yourself. See with your own eyes who the thieves are and where they are draining our economy of it’s life blood. Then join me in taking action.